Coronavirus Impact


We hope you all stay safe whilst we continue to remain closed. Do follow our blog in the interim, where we try and stay in touch and are building up ideas for when we are able to return.

** UPDATE 09 JULY 2020 **

We celebrate today’s announcement about the re-opening of swimming pools and the possible return of WeSwim sessions, however before we can make any decisions we first need to speak to the leisure centre and other relevant organisations to properly assess the impact and logistics of re-starting.

As soon as we have updates about WeSwim sessions we will update this page and contact all current swimmers and volunteers.

** UPDATE 06 JUNE 2020 **

Unfortunately, WeSwim will remain closed as we are unable to safely operate at the moment. This will continue to be the case whilst social distancing measures are in place.

We hope you all stay safe and look forward to starting services again once we are able to do so safely.

** UPDATE 28 MARCH 2020 **

Following government’s advice yesterday we will pausing WeSwim’s sessions for the foreseeable future.

We fully intend to start up sessions as soon as possible so if you are interested in attending WeSwim sessions, either as a volunteer or swimmer, please do register via the respective pages.

Current UK Government advice is to continue activities, we will carry on with our swimming sessions whilst that is the case.

However – if you feel any symptoms: a cough, a high temperature, shortness of breath, please refrain from attending & contact 111 for information. Even if it is not coronavirus, many of our users have weakened immune systems so are more vulnerable to infection. We want to keep them safe.

Swimmers – If you have a long term illness or weakened immune system, you may be more susceptible.

Please consider whether you want to attend. You may want to postpone coming for a few weeks and we look forward to seeing you again once it has passed. Please keep yourself safe and remember to wash your hands regularly.

We will update this page should our or Ironmonger Row Bath’s position change.