Volunteer Code of Conduct & Our Commitment to You

Volunteer Code of Conduct

We Swim is an upbeat, diverse, community club and want all our members to:

  • Always be friendly, courteous and kind
  • Treat all swimmers and volunteers with respect and recognise their right to personal privacy
  • Encourage swimmers to feel comfortable to point out attitudes and behaviour that they do not like
  • Listen, empathise and be understanding when discussing issues that are sensitive in nature with swimmers
  • Avoid physical or verbal contact that may be considered inappropriate
  • Do not assist swimmers to get dressed or undressed
  • Avoid contact or situations with swimmers that may be misconstrued or leave you open to accusation
  • Treat any swimmer welfare concerns as outlined in the safeguarding procedure
  • Understand that we recommend you keep contact with swimmers to the confines of the We Swim sessions or events
  • Commit to regular attendance of twice a month and if you can’t come on a session you’d previously committed to, give us as much notice as possible, so we can find someone else.

What You Can Expect from WeSwim

The welfare of our volunteers is as important to WeSwim as that of our swimmers. We commit to providing all Volunteers with the support required to follow the Code of Conduct.

We Swim promises to provide:

  • A clearly defined Code Of Conduct
  • Training & materials that will prepare and advise you on how to behave in common scenarios you will encounter as a We Swim volunteer
  • Senior We Swim representatives at and outside of the swimming sessions that can answer Volunteer questions or that Volunteers can refer / escalate issues to
  • Confidential treatment of any issues raised by or about Volunteers and/or staff

If you have any questions please contact tash@weswim.club or dan@weswim.club.