Complaints Procedure

WeSwim is committed to providing the best possible service to volunteers and members within the organisation and others with whom it comes in contact during the course of its work. We are constantly trying to improve and therefore appreciate any feedback or complaints we receive.

All complaints will be dealt with quickly, confidentially and fairly. Complaints can be made either by emailing or or online at

If it is preferred, an advocate may be appointed (chosen by the complainer) to act on the complainant’s behalf.

When a complaint is received WeSwim will ensure that the person named in the complaint is informed about the nature of the complaint and if appropriate, encouraged to resolve the issues raised directly with the complainer. 

If the issues raised cannot be resolved by the two parties or it is inappropriate for the person named in the complaint to contact the complainer then the formal complaints procedure should be followed as set out below.

Formal Complaints Procedure

  1. On receiving a complaint, within 7 days of receipt, all parties to the complaint will be informed that the complaint will be investigated and answered within 28 days of receipt. If it is not possible to complete the enquiry within that time, a letter will be sent to the complainer informing the complainant of the reason for delay and when a full response can be expected.
  2. All complaints will be adjudicated by a suitable panel formed for the purposes of dealing with the complaint.
  3. Where the complaint concerns a Director of WeSwim, external people will be involved to resolve the issue.

The decision of any panel formed above shall be final but any such decision will not affect any other legal recourse that may be available to the complainer.

Please note that WeSwim will keep a record of all complaints received, investigated and the outcome of such investigations. Confidentiality will be maintained at all times.