Tottenham Green FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions related to WeSwim Tottenham Green and Fusion Tottenham Green Pools specifically. If you have questions questions related to WeSwim sessions generally then you can read them here.

What is access like?

There are no steps getting into the leisure centre or from reception to the changing rooms, though there is a slight ramp. Wheelchairs can navigate the whole way step free.

We will be swimming in the training pool:

Training Pool

The swimming pool is 0.9m in the shallow end and can be adjusted at the deep end. It is an infinity pool which means is is possible to access via the pool side. Otherwise, there is a hoist and 4 steep steps.

There is a small viewing gallery alongside the swimming pool.

What are the changing facilities?

There is a unisex changing village with two disabled changing rooms and several other larger cubicles. Additionally, there are separate male / female changing rooms.