Volunteer Manager Role Description [Old Street]

What is a Volunteer Manager? 

The role of the Volunteer Manager is intrinsic to make the club feel a warm and welcoming space for volunteers and disabled swimmers. They ensure that there are enough volunteers at any time, and that those volunteers feel supported and equipped to do their role supporting disabled people in the water. They feedback to WeSwim when more volunteers are needed, and feedback to individual volunteers about how they are doing in their role. 

What’s in it for you? 

  • Being part of a friendly community
  • Meeting people and making new friends 
  • Experience supporting and developing others
  • Responsibility co- running swim sessions
  • People management experience

What’s involved? 

  • Communication with volunteers making them feel welcome
  • Ensuring enough volunteers are available for each session
  • Feeding back to WeSwim for recruitment numbers
  • Helping the Swim Coach train volunteers to feel confident supporting disabled people
  • Safeguarding – being a key contact if there is a safeguarding concern 
  • Supporting volunteers, telling them when they did a good job and getting feedback from disabled swimmers about how their session with their volunteer went and feeding that back to them. Listening to their concerns.
  • Input into quarterly committee meetings
  • Co-running swimming sessions with another manager

This role will suit people who… 

Have a friendly and enthusiastic manner and enjoy working with people. People who are compassionate, reliable. Confident swimmers. 

We proactively support diversity, in all its forms, and welcome applicants from a wide range of backgrounds and with disabilities. 

Extra information 

Location: Ironmonger Row Baths
Sessions: Friday evenings 7-8pm
Hours/week: 5 hrs, including running minimum 2 sessions /month alongside another Manager.
Training: Task specific training will be provided to you as a volunteer
Expenses: WeSwim will cover pre agreed expenses such as travel expenses.

About WeSwim

Our mission is to increase the opportunities for people with disabilities to swim in London. To do this we support existing swimming clubs, launch new clubs in areas of need and provide a resource to find information on the services available.

Our primary focus is on the mental, physical and social benefits of community led clubs where everyone is welcome. With dedicated pool space and the support of our fantastic volunteers WeSwim provides welcoming and safe swimming sessions for swimmers with disabilities. Whether you are new to swimming, you need to build your confidence or you would like to work on particular exercises in the water we are here to support you.

This role is purely voluntary and this arrangement is not meant to be a legally binding one or an employment contract