Meet Our New Community Swimmer Manager!

We are pleased to announce that Kendall will be taking up the role of Community Swimmer Manager and working alongside Meena, Dan and Tash to support WeSwim swimmers. The Community Swimmer Manager helps to make swimmers feel welcome at the club and acts as a representative for swimmers to help the club continually improve.

Kendall is studying for a BSc Adult Nursing degree at King’s College London. She made a career switch after 10 years of working in design and international cultural relations with the British Council. She found that office and desk-based working exacerbated pain and other symptoms associated with Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a condition which affects her. At the same time, she had a complex healthcare journey and was passionate about changing that experience for others. She is also a volunteer area coordinator for the charity Ehlers-Danlos Support UK and runs their East London support groups. Read more about Kendall’s story in this previous blog.

“As a disabled person, I have experienced barriers in society which have stopped me from doing things which are important to me as well as my health,” said Kendall. “I am so excited to work with WeSwim and our swimmers to break down barriers that disable people from swimming, an activity with incredible physical, mental and social benefits.”

Kendall will be at swimming sessions, working with volunteers and swimmers to improve the experience. As a swimmer, you’ll be in touch with her to arrange participation in a session, give feedback and ensure your needs are being met. Kendall’s aim is to make the pool a welcoming and accessible space for all those who want to get involved.

Kendall (right) and Lee (left) at a WeSwim session

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